Bokeh Game Studio was founded by Keiichiro Toyama, the creator of Silent Hill, and the still very early in development Slitterhead is the team's debut project. In a developer diary, we get glimpses of early pre-alpha gameplay test sessions, interspersed with the team discussing the painstaking process of refining gameplay.

This is really the first we've seen from the title since its reveal at The Game Awards 2021. Bokeh notes that all footage shown is pre-alpha, the early days of dev when developers are still deciding on the big stuff like what software to use and which features to add. That is to say, Slitterhead is likely still several years away from release, but already you can see a gritty combat system, in which characters appear to manifest weapons formed of blood, begin to take shape.

What are your expectations of Slitterhead, could this be the true Silent Hill spiritual successor? And what do you think of the name? It's kind of grown on us, admittedly. Slither into the comments section below to let us know.