Red Dead Redemption PS3

Recent whispers around the web have suggested Rockstar Games is on the verge of announcing the resurrection of its PS3 classic, Red Dead Redemption. While we could initially write this off as little more than a rumour, we're now seeing signs from several places that give it more and more legitimacy.

Things really got started on this topic when the Korean ratings board listed a brand new rating for Red Dead Redemption. This alone is highly suggestive of a release on modern consoles, although it doesn't tell us whether to expect a simple port or something more substantial, like a remaster.

Anyway, since then, a couple more things have happened. Over on the Rockstar Social Club, the achievements for the open world western have recently been updated. That's a pretty out-of-nowhere move for a game that's 13 years old. Now, Colin Moriarty, speaking on his podcast Sacred Symbols, claims to have seen evidence this is in fact real, and expects an announcement to come as early as August.

If that wasn't enough, a statement from a Take-Two Interactive earnings call has been dug up and shared on Twitter, revealing the publisher plans to release "two new iterations of previously-released titles in 2024". Of course, one of those may well be Red Dead Redemption.

With all these hints and clues together, it seems highly likely to be true. Again, the Korean rating on its own is enough to tell us something's coming — they don't just list things for fun — but with all this extra evidence on top, it appears we'll be spending more time with John Marston in the near future.

What do you think? Are you interested in revisiting Red Dead Redemption? Head through the saloon doors to the comments section below.

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