Threads Meta Instagram 1

Gaming titans like PlayStation are spreading their wings and flocking to Threads, the new Twitter rival launched by Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta. The new text-based social media platform is seeking to swoop in on Twitter’s turf, after a series of controversial changes by new owner Elon Musk have seen the popularity of the so-called bird app plummet.

PlayStation’s account is relatively empty right now, but it has posted a picture of Final Fantasy 16 doggy Torgal “sniffing the new social media app”. We imagine, in most cases, community managers are merely tentatively dipping their collective toes into the water of the unproven platform – if it takes off, which is still up for debate, then they’ll be well-placed to take advantage.

Other noteworthy publishers that have taken the plunge include Ubisoft, Capcom, and SEGA. Meta overlord Mark Zuckerberg announced overnight that over 10 million people have joined the new platform, but whether they’ll stick around is the big question. If anything’s ever going to steal away Twitter’s market, however, it’ll be Threads.