As anticipation builds for fighting game reboot Mortal Kombat 1, developer NetherRealm has announced two new characters who will be joining the launch day lineup. This epic three minute trailer – featuring a mixture of gameplay footage and cinematics from the story mode – confirms the inclusion of fan favourites Smoke and Rain, both of which appear to have trademark fighting styles which live up to their names.

In the video, Smoke uses his titular fog to unleash some acrobatic combos, but it’s Rain who’s particularly impressed us: he summons storms, teleports through whirlpools, and wields a particularly hydrated staff.

But that’s not all! The trailer also confirms three new Kameos: Cyrax, Sektor, and Frost. As has been previously announced, all three serve their own purpose in combat, and have their own abilities and attacks which dovetail with your main character. If you’re curious to know exactly who’s been announced thus far, we’re keeping track of all confirmed Mortal Kombat 1 characters through the link.

Did you enjoy this latest trailer? How’s your hype holding out for the latest entry in the bloody fighting franchise? Uppercut your opinion in the comments section below.