Dredge from developer Black Salt Games has been updated today on PS5, PS4 to include a Photo Mode and an all-new Passive Mode that strips the fishing experience of its horror elements and monsters. Available to download now, the patch arrives for free. In order to actually start using Photo Mode, you'll need to find a certain piece of equipment in the ocean and then hand it to a new islander. Making you work a little for the new feature, it sounds like a neat side quest.

As for the Passive Mode, this option is for "those cosy gamers who want to avoid the biggest nasties in Dredge and lean into the game’s laid-back fishing gameplay while avoiding the more sinister side of the adventure". In addition, the update brings 10 new fish to catch as well as their associated aberrations alongside more wildlife events and an extra monster of the deep.

One of the most noteworthy PS5, PS4 indie games of 2023 so far, we handed the game a 7/10 in our Dredge PS5 review. We shared praise for its "simple but compelling gameplay" loop, progression, and neat art style. Another free update is planned to release in the coming months that adds boat paint, and then a paid DLC arrives at the end of the year.