Capcom has released a new trailer for the over-the-top mecha dino online game, Exoprimal, which enters our own reality on 14th July on PS5 and PS4. In it, we learn the various ways in which specific types of dinosaurs can be utilised to get one over on the opposing team, regardless of how little sense any of it makes.

Trigger Neosaurs, for example, can be eliminated in order to strengthen the dinos assaulting the enemy team, making these powerful foes worth overcoming wherever possible. When your own side starts to fall behind, employing a Dominator will teleport a real Jurassic Park-style villain into the opposing team's dimension, giving them a priority one issue to deal with.

It looks so absolutely ludicrous we can't wait to get to grips with this one (and don't have much longer to wait). What do you think of Exoprimal? Where do you think reviews will put this one? Let us know in the comments section below.